80 little paper napkins both light and strong in a lovely and thin box

Napkiss® is a little paper napkin made of Manila hemp, a natural fiber which is both very strong and as light as a feather. Made in France and packaged in a charming and thin box, 80 Napkiss® wait for you to be freed on every occasion: for brunch, parties, tea time, cocktails, pic-nic, barbecue…
At home or at large, on your table or in the middle of a field, Napkiss® is the eco-designed, lovely and inventive accessory for finger food.

A new concept where design meets the environmental concernsThe use of the disposable paper napkins has been studied in order to reduce their environmental impact. Conception, production and logistic steps have been filtered through the 3R concepts. A Napkiss box has to be pretty, functional and environmentally friendly.



  • Reduction of the paper quantity required for a similar use.
  • Less weight and volume to transport. Waste reduction.
  • 99% less print surface. Decorative patterns are printed on the box and not on each napkin. The ink quantity used and discharged in the environment is reduced to a minimum.

* Comparison test between a 100 NAPKISS® box and a 100 paper napkins (12×12 cm) pack.


  • Boxes are refillable and the cardboard is strong enough to last for a long time.
  • Seasonal limited editions signed by renowned graphic designers or artists fueled the desire to start a collection and to keep the boxes for a long time.


  • Boxes and freight parcels are made from recycled paper.
  • NAPKISS® can be recycled or put in your compost.

Graphic universe : 4 collections

Napkiss® is an invitation to discover different kinds of designs. The box is a support to highlight a style – ancient or contemporay – or the work of a photograph, an artist or a craftsman.

The shadow theatre

Plain or intricate, those shadows puppets tease your senses. What’s hidden in the black ? A profile, a landscape or a silhouette ?… Black and white, it’s not only very chic but it’s far more than two dimensions.


You were always seated at the back of the classroom during math’ lessons ? And yet there’s so much beauty in a straight line or in a gentle curve. Each season, the Geometrics collection messes around with thoses lines and curves and unveil unlimited new possibilities. One stroke of creation, thousands of variations…


The ornament collection is inspired by every know-how created by man to embellish the world. From a detail to a panorama, from the Far-East to the Art & Craft movement, from a Renaissance pattern to one inspired by Mughal India, the ornamental collection pays a tribute to the inventiveness of artists and craftsmen from Europe or elsewhere…
And not to forget…

Cartes blanches