For that nothing change, everything must change…

Manila Hemp and recycled cardboard:
A new concept where design meets the environmental concerns

The use of the disposable paper napkins has been studied in order to reduce their environmental impact. Conception, production and logistic steps have been filtered through the 3R concepts. A Napkiss box has to be pretty, functional and environmentally friendly.


  • Reduction of the paper quantity required for a similar use.
  • Less weight and volume to transport. Waste reduction.
  • 99% less print surface. Decorative patterns are printed on the box and not on each napkin. The ink quantity used and discharged in the environment is reduced to a minimum.

* Comparison test between a 100 NAPKISS® box and a 100 paper napkins (12×12 cm) pack.


  • Boxes are refillable and the cardboard is strong enough to last for a long time.
  • Seasonal limited editions signed by renowned graphic designers or artists fueled the desire to start a collection and to keep the boxes for a long time.


  • Boxes and freight parcels are made from recycled paper.
  • NAPKISS® can be recycled or put in your compost.